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Our Scope

Provides advisory support and management for hire to Operators, Stakeholders and Suppliers within the O&G industry.

To Operators and Stakeholders in conjunction with Project Development either as independent party or as part of an project execution team. Trough our competencies and experience we provides support in all development phases of projects within O&G. Niche competence within Downstream Projects such as GTL, LNG, gas processing and refinery both related to green- and brownfield projects. Our experience is built on several years with hands-on Project Development ranging from discipline to executive level throughout the project pipeline.

To existing Suppliers or companies with the aim to enter into the O&G industry we provide support within the Business Development pipeline. The Business Development is provided in a wide range from strategy development to sales and marketing. Our support platform is people with extensive experience within Business Development from small to corporate level businesses. People with hands-on experience from strategy and market development, commerzialisation processes, company acquisitions etc.

Advisory support as independent party and to project management within following areas, but not limited to:

  • Advisory to Asset Owner, Stakeholders or Project Management Team
  • Project Management Team in all phases (e.g. feasibility, concept or FEED)
  • Assignment in conjunction with Stakeholder Management (e.g. between operator and license partner)
  • Independent Party in PEER reviews and verifications within the Scope of:

– Project maturity
– Method and Execution strategy
– Project Execution Plan (PEM)
– Technology and Contractor selection
– Cost estimate forecast and trending
– Up/down-side Potential
– Risk register and mitigations
– Management actions and improvement plan

Advisory support and management for hire to small- and midsize companies within business development. Our niche is companies entering or operating within the O&G industry. We provides support such as, but not limited to:

  • Company Restructuring e.g. review of operating model
  • System Architecture definition and implementation
  • Strategy review and development


In our assignments we conduct according to customer practice and methodology, familiarizing with these are a key step for us. We also provide our practice and methodology to our customers, these are based on extensive experience from the industry. Defined work processes for each business stream or project phase with corresponding procedures and check lists. In our assignments we use our practice and methodology complementary to customer provided to ensure that all associated check list is ticked off before concluding.

If applicable sensitivity simulations will be optionally provided. The simulations aim is to identify economical impact (gross margin, NPV, IRR etc.) of conclusion. Simulations will be performed using our products Xcon© or Xpro© tailormade for this purpose.


Our deliverables is summarized as follows, but not limited to:

Project Development:

  • Asset Owner Report according to Scope
  • Stakeholder Management Report according to Scope
  • PEER review Report including Scorecard according to Scope content

Business Development:

  • Restructured company and improvement agenda
  • Revised system architecture
  • Revised strategy plan
  • Recognized supplier within O&G
  • Established new customer relations within O&G
  • Entered into new contract within O&G

After finalization of assignment our products used for sensitivity simulation may be licensed to monitor achieved results and impact of these on your Targets.

Scorecard - Review

Cost Estimate @ 50%
Concept Definition 45%
Execution Strategy 55%
PEM 85%
Project Maturity 35%
Risk Matrix 65%
Execution Experience 90%