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Technical Service Provider within operational support to onshore plant and offshore installation operations at NSC to pertain safe and effective operations. Our deliverables are independent studies and reviews of e.g. operational models and work processes. Our scope also includes operational management of defined process units and engagements of experienced and skilled resources. Operational support is limited to NCS installations.

Our focus:

  • Streamlining and standardization of implemented operational model to reduce cost base and increase operational performance
  • Improve work processes to enhance performance and reduce execution time

Review and verification of:

  • Operational model
  • Work processes
  • Procedures

Our deliverables will be summarized in a Decision Support Package (DSP) including such as, but not limited to:

  • Operational Model GAP’s
  • Performance¬†trending analyses
  • Operational costs sensitivity model
  • Improvement actions and upside potential
  • Management action plan